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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

It has been a long time since I wrote anything here. Long time since I had anything to blog.
I returned after 5 months in milwaukee. This time around was shorter than my last time but I was more excited to come back to bangalore than ever. Sitting on the 7th floor of NM north building with no one to talk to and the same work for 45 days was more than an experience I wanted to escape. So I am here.

There were more reasons to come back than just about sitting alone. Hitesh was to get married on dec 12th., my cousin on dec 27th and my brother is coming to Bangalore after 4 years, Shabari Mala in february... Could not have missed so many things for an extended onsite.

That brings to me Hitesh's marriage. . I could never see this guy getting married, he would never be old enough for marriage.. :) Not talking about how funny our dear friend looked at the marriage, I would restrict myself to my experice with Delhi. Chili, SP and I had gone to the marriage in Gurgaon. We stayed in Delhi in Tilak Marg in Chili's dad's guest house. It was in new delhi in the diplomatic area. One thing very impressive of delhi is the roads there. Every road is a 4 - 6 way lane with no potholes. It looks amazing, specially when you visit delhi from BANGpotholeALORE. The bus service in delhi is just too good. But mind you, it is just the service that is good not the busses. Then there is palika bazaar... I am not sure why there are markets of this kind. Why would people quote high prices and expect you to bargain? With bargain ignorant people like us, we are bound to get comprehensively looted. We realized our weeknesses soon enough to get out of the place. Then the cannought place. At 9 in the evening, we were in cannought place and I had this urge to have beer. After all the phone calling we found that there are a couple of good places around cannought place. We went to one called Ruby Tuesday. The people who live in delhi would laugh to read this. 3 mugs of beer, 2 mocktails = 1000 bucks!!! Looted again!!
The next day was the marriage. We were the only 3 friends of his and rest of them were family. We made a complete fool of ourselves by dancing in the middle of the road as hitesh rode on the horse back. But it was all fun.
Shall write separately about marriage some time. Or may be chili would have written by now..


  • Aa gaya mazaa dilli mein..Stupid ! You should have asked, paalika is hell of a place and Ruby Tuesday, should have gone to Blues ! Delhi Rocks as always !

    By Blogger Rusty, at 8:34 PM  

  • milwaukee me to blog nahi likhta tha....delhi me phatka laga na...delhi waale saale aise hi hote hain......kissi ki jalegi abhi....hahaha... :pratish

    By Blogger ancientmariner, at 10:56 PM  

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