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Garam Masala

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Powercuts in Bangalore

Deficient water rains have forced the government to announce power cuts for 4 - 6 hours in Bangalore everyday. Actual power cut everyday is definitely more than this. Rural Karnataka probably will be seeing only a couple of hours of power everyday. People going to office often do not realize the problem. 6 hours power cut means there will not be power for quarter of the day, minimum. For jobless people like me, who quit office 20 days in advance to catch up on movies and read end up swatting mosquitoes. I have to keep my laptop charged for the hours of power cut. A few days back I had to call British Airways to enquire about transit visa requirement. When they asked me for my pnr number I had to tell them that I had it on my mail account and will have to call back when the power comes back! Lots of instances like this. Really frustrated!

How long is this going to continue. A the power we have wasted for so long, the irresponsibility of water usage is now showing up.


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