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Monday, May 31, 2010

Where do you want to settle?

I am not going to write about how to plan for retirement or tell you how much to save for kids etc. Yesterday N and I were considering options about the cities that we can settle in once retired. On the face of it weather and language was considered. Beyond that we were pretty lost on what we think is important for us during our retired life. Here are some points that we pondered over -

Going back to a calmer and more peaceful place is definitely a priority. What we had in mind was something like the Bangalore of old times. Mysore was an option... and so was Shimoga.
Fact: In India alone 15 million people are going to migrate from villages to cities in the next 5 year.
What that means is that the bigger cities are definitely going to be overcrowded (over over over crowded) and at some time Govt will have to look beyond the big cities and focus on tier 2 cities (corporations like IBM are already doing so.. the issue is that these companies are human capital intensive and cannot find required resources in a smaller town. But that is besides the point). So, in all probability, at the rate India is growing (in population and GDP) tier 2 cities of today would have been promoted to tier 1. So, at this point we might as well rule out these tier 2 cities and concentrate on some small towns that have potential of moving to a tier 2 city. But spotting those is nearly impossible at this point.

A more secure place is another important criteria. We dont want to save up for our last 10 years and be shot by some idiot who claims to be a Robin Hood.
I think the Naxalism is reached a tipping point where either the government will grant them their rights or wipe them out of the face of the earth. One way or the other, large portions of India will be rid of mindless violence. I cant say that about inflitration.. because I have more confidence in the Islamic fundamentalism than India's attempt to root them out. So, India will continue crying for US attention and US will continue asking Pakistan to stop cross border terrorism.. and nothing will come out of it.
Back to 'a more secure place' - I think it is too soon to plan.. though a rough idea of the kind of place will keep us happy. But if Naxalism will cease to exist, something else will crop up.

Third criteria was the language. This we can be sure of... more or less. Living in Karnataka, we will want to be among people who can speak Kannada. English or Hindi as second / third language is not too bad. But I would want to say a 'amman' here and an 'akkan' there to digest my afternoon meal.


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